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A manager’s troubles while handling long distance relationships

Source | LinkedIn : By Vartika Kashyap

Remote work has become the new work culture. Everyone is talking about it. Businesses are implementing it. Employees are loving it. But there is one creed which is at the receiving end during all this. That creed is – Managers!

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They are the ones who have to manage the teams. They are the ones under the questioning radar when things go out of hand. They are the ones who function as the bridge between the management and the employees. They are the ones going through constant trouble while handling teams.

Here is a look at some of the common problems associated with remote working that a manager has to face –

Making the first move

The first move is the hardest in a relationship. And the first move in building a team is hiring the right people. This becomes even critical when you are creating a remote team. After all, you won’t have them sitting across the desk to keep an eye on how they are performing.

You won’t be having a face to face interaction with the people you are hiring. This increases the chances of making a mistake while hiring. That’s where a manager’s job becomes the toughest; as he’s going to be the person to take the final call on hiring.

Solution: Well, a great tip for hiring the best remote talent is to ask them about the experience of working independently. Work skills are not the only factor to consider here. Independent working and organizational skills become equally important.

Getting on the right track

Now that the first move is made, the relationship has started comes the next important phase. And that is to get on the right track while on-boarding them. Remote employees won’t have the luxury of stopping by your desk to ask quick questions. Or ask for help when they are stuck with understanding the process.

You cannot expect remote team members to get to know about the processes on their own. Remote workers don’t get the opportunity to have casual conversations with their other team members, like they do in traditional working style.

Solution: A manager’s role becomes even more important here. Having a system in place for their thorough training of the employees becomes vital. As a matter of fact, a manager needs to make an even greater effort to ensure everyone is able to understand the process, business requirements and gets their queries resolved.

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