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A Mindset Shift – Changes Everything

Source | Linkedin | Raman T. S. K. CEC, CLC, IL | Business Mentor at Arghaa

One thing anyone should love about leadership is that it is highly individualized. We may strive to display common-held principles for successful leadership…lead by example, mentor junior leaders, exhibit poise during stress. But, the way we describe our leadership styles, the personality traits we employ, the perspectives we adopt, the anecdotes we use…they’re all different, shaped by unique experiences and beliefs. This individualization creates an endless reservoir of leadership insight from which to draw out of others and learn from.

We Must Want To Lose Control

Too many impose their authority on the people in the organization on the name of leadership, because their success is riding on the team’s performance.’ Leaders seek increasing amounts of control have a habit of trying to make their people execute exactly how they would do it, which relegates junior’s growth and fails to leverage the talent that individuals could contribute to the challenges they face.

Shifting for the Good

Leaders could easily unlock the talent of their organizations by shifting their mindset from one of control to one of growth.

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