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<p>Dr S J Raj, EVP - Global Business Strategy and HR, Newgen Software</p>
Dr S J Raj, EVP – Global Business Strategy and HR, Newgen Software

By Dr S J Raj

Leaders like you have the onus of creating a culture where the team members feel free to share their ideas and problems. To establish this kind of trust and connection, you need to be transparent and vulnerable with the team. This encompasses sharing your struggles and challenges, asking for help, and admitting that you do not always have all the answers.

While vulnerability has become one of the key leadership traits today, you may still hesitate to talk about your vulnerabilities. According to a survey by LeadershipIQ, only 20% of employees say their leaders openly share their challenges.

The thought of being vulnerable can be intimidating. However, vulnerable leaders can help build an environment where employees can be themselves, resulting in stronger workplace relationships, enhanced productivity, and overall organizational growth.

How Being Vulnerable Helps You Become a Better Leader?

A vulnerable leader is not weak or emotional by any means. In fact, employees tend to like leaders who are open about their flaws and discuss their professional obstacles with their teams.

Here is how being vulnerable can pave the way for you to be a better leader:

Building Trust

Promoting an honest and open communication culture allows team members to speak their minds and heart without hesitation. But this takes more than just letting the team know you are…

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