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A new type of “Adaptive” Leadership is needed to address AI disruption because the “Buy vs. Create” Talent Strategy is unsustainable!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

💡 Leaders agree that it is their responsibility to inspire and empower workers to stay relevant across their whole working lives

🏆Digital literacy will be the most in-demand skillset in five years.

57% of employees lack confidence in their leadership team’s AI skills and knowledge.

❌ Only a minority of businesses (11%) have made significant progress in digital transformation

📈 Emotional understanding and empathy (EQ) are becoming increasingly important versus technical and analytical skills (IQ)

🦾 AI helps to create a human-centric business: Leaders must bolster uniquely human attributes with coaching, training and leadership development.

Most companies plan to recruit rather than train existing workforce, according to a new interesting research published by The Adecco Group in collaboration with Oxford Economics using data 📊 from 2,000 C-suite executives nine countries during October to December 2023.

✅Recruit rather than train internally Talents

Build VS Buy Talents

Researchers noticed that leaders of companies are far more confident about building soft skills than technology skills.

⚠️ Only one-third of companies plan to train their current workforce to fill digital and technology skills gaps and yet tech skills are set to impact every role.

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