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A poor boss is the reason why people are quitting. Change this one thing

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

In a multi-gen workforce, the communication needs to mirror what the employees expect, not what the boss has grown up with. Video data shows people use YouTube not just for entertainment, but for everything else like in-store advice, learning new skills and much more. Invest in teaching employees how to teach any skill on video.

Bonus tip: How to make your videos go viral

Many domain experts or techies become people managers. The Great Resignation has highlighted the role of the people managers. A competitor is always ready to pay more to poach talent, but people will ignore the headhunter if they believe their boss cares about them and will help them become successful.

If your organization has a large proportion of Millennials and GenZ employees, then invest in teaching their managers how to communicate. GenZ and Millennials have media consumption habits that are different from their bosses. The boss have grown up with memos and email. The digital natives have grown up on social media that depends on creating a pull and engaging the reader. In a multi-gen workforce, the communication needs to mirror what the employees expect, not what the boss has grown up with.

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Your L&D team needs SEO & Digital Marketing

The most downloaded shopping app in US is not Amazon. It is Shein, the firm that puts fast in Fast Fashion. The $1.5 trillion apparel industry fears Shein (pronounced she-in). In US, for every dollar worth of goods sold, 33 cents go to Shein and Gen Z swears by it. They command 28% of America’s fast-fashion market. They release 700 NEW designs each day. They are expected to become a $20bn corporation this year. In 2019 Shein’s gross merchandise value was $2.3bn.

<Check for #SHEINfluencer and other related hashtags on Insta>

The founder Xu Yangtian is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist – not a designer. They leverage keywords and other digital marketing strategies to communicate with 250m followers across various social-media platforms.


From in-store advice to learning new skills, people all over the world increasingly rely on video for more than just entertainment — and choose what to watch for new reasons altogether. 1 in 2 Millennials and GenZ say they can’t imagine how they would get through life without video.

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Communicate like an Influencer

I have run workshops for my clients on “Building the New Media Mindset” ie moving from pushing content to pull based communication.

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Showcase Role Models & Influencers who can demo the skills

Sein engages thousands of influencers (look for #SHEINfluencers on social media) & hundreds of local designers in each country.

Get EMPLOYEES, MANAGERS & INFLUENCERS to model the skills on video

Teach everyone how to create short form videos

Ask your employees to name the influencers they follow and invite them to your office. They can run workshops on how to teach anything on short form video. Like Miss.Excel who has trained 1 million people on how to use Microsoft Excel. Maybe your learning team needs to create a teaser video like this one <Watch it. I promise you will love it>

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People leave managers – not companies. Changing the way the managers communicate will change the attrition levels and retain talent that is business critical.

Bonus Content: Why Does A Video Goes Viral?

Republished with permission and originally published at Abhijit Bhaduri’s LinkedIn

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