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A Profile Summary not Restricted to Work Experience: JobsForHer’s Profile Plus

By | Schonali |

There has never been a better time than now to be a woman in the workplace. 

From launching India to the moon to manifesting grassroots change at work and in society, working and ready-to-work women live in a fem-upbeat world today that we need to grab with both hands and hold on to, tight! 

And that is why the all-new resume template by JobsForHer — Profile+ — is what YOU need to launch your career dreams. 

Finally, we have a profile summary that showcases and shows off the new professional woman — ALL of her. This is the next best thing to free chocolate with your daily coffee, girls! 

Now, when you apply to jobs on JobsForHer, you can include the link to your Profile+ for recruiters to view and be knocked off their feet with EVERYTHING you bring to the table – your work experience AND your life experience. 

What can you showcase on JobsForHer’s new Profile+ Resume Template?

✔ Work Experience (+ Skills Earned)

✔ Life Experience (+ Skills Earned)

✔ Personal Experience (+ Skills Earned)

✔ College Experience (+ Skills Earned)

✔ And, you can add PICTURES to every single one! 

Are you ready for a profile summary that is going to turn the working world on its head? Would you like some help to make it truly, truly AWESOME?

Then attend this open conversation with Schonali Rebello — Brand Custodian, JobsForHer, to ask her all your questions and get them answered. 

Start asking your questions to win 15 minutes of exclusive career advice with her!

(to get my Profile+ to AWESOME.)

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