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A Profound Key to Selling Almost Anything

Source | LinkedIn | Scott Hoover | CPA, Pastor, Writer

For 8 years I worked alongside Ken Zimmerman, founder of bespoke cabinetry manufacturer Thorcraft Custom Kitchens. Ken is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet – and a talented salesman.

One memorable day, though, his skills failed him. A potential client, Stephen Hinke, was remodeling a Craftsman Era house in beautiful Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Stephen invited Ken to come see the house, and meet Stephen’s wife, Monica.

Sensing a straightforward sale, Ken drove the 2 1/2 hours to Reedsburg. He entered the meeting with “high enthusiasm.”

Unfortunately, the meeting began to unravel soon after he arrived. Ken had come with a grand vision for a complete kitchen remodel. Stephen’s wife simply wanted new countertops and a few new cabinets.

Ken pressed ahead. He was getting nowhere when Stephen finally stopped him and told him he was doing a poor job selling. He gave Ken a small lecture and sent him home.

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