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A #Start-up101 for start-ups born amidst COVID-19

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There was a street that housed multiple start-ups, where continuous month-long hackathons were taking place. Two café’s that were opening up on this street put out boards attracting the entrepreneurs to their doors.

The first café’s board read—‘Our coffee keeps you active for longer and we will give you a 10% discount on each cup you buy from us.’

The second café’s board read—‘Coffee that tastes so good, you’ll be energised to keep coming back. For each coffee drinker you bring, one cup is on us’.

After a couple of months, one of the café’s earned 80% of the total café sales on the street.

Which café do you think it was? (I’ll reveal who and why them, within the next 649 words)

First rule—To grow sustainably we need build for tomorrow

Why do we like magic? Is it because it’s an art form that makes the unnatural feel real? Or because the magician unveils a trick that you subconsciously wanted to witness?

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