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A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine

By | Adil Malia |

Whist leadership has to perform Strategic elements of its role, it cannot afford to ignore its grass-root and primary role of operating so close to the team-members that they are able to immediately identify those in the team who may be reflecting ‘burn-out’ symptoms in their behaviours.

Unchecked, such burn-out behaviours could slowly like termite destroy the wood work and culture of the entire team. Thus I would say, leaders be aware.

What should alert and mature leaders, generally look-out for in their team members … ?

I would suggest that leaders should look out for some of these tell-tale signs :

-Most obviously, the ‘Dark Net’ of employee emotional- outbursts : anger, anxiety, irritation etc– Constant minor ailments requiring medical attention– Sudden Medical bills / frequent sick leave for short periods– tiredness, fatigue behaviours– complaints of shouting, screaming, irrational arguments, other constant interpersonal conflicts– punctuality, late-coming, low morale behaviours– sleeplessness … drousy looks in working hours– sudden tardiness in dressing, unshaven look, unpolished shoes, unironed & creased clothings etc– performance output suddenly dropping– not attending phones, unexplained absence at meeting– low concentration, lack of focus, missing papers from files, unread minutes and reports

Alert silent bells should ring in the ears of a leader if he notices employees manifesting such behaviours. Hand-hold them, Coach them , Guide them & counsel thru..

Save them dear leader. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine !!!

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