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A story of shattered hope behind every pink slip: Look up LinkedIn

Harshita Jhavar, a data and applied scientist at Microsoft, who spent four years in the company in Washington, writes in her LinkedIn post, "Please help me find a suitable position to connect with a team where I can have a relevant role to play. I will be persistent until I crack my next move"

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As thousands were laid off in a Big Tech mayhem, some were left in shock as they never anticipated this would happen to them. They wrote emotional pieces on LinkedIn and Twitter, praying for jobs as they were on short notice in a foreign land.

Shilpi Soni, a software engineer from India, was among those who lost her job at Goldman Sachs, which laid off around 3,200 employees.

Impacted by the layoff, Soni took to LinkedIn and shared her situation and how she managed to land a job in

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