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A Succession Mishap ( my coaching notes)

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You cannot be forever at the top of the Summit. The view may be too good. The air may be too pure. The sounds may be peacefully melodious. The ambience may just be too beautiful. The people who you meet there be may also be very friendly and the overall experience you had was amazing and too pleasant.  

You can be there on the top of that summit for awhile. If you like it much, you can be there even a bit longer than others too, if practical.  But finally at somepoint,  you will have to descend. And gracefully at that. 

Learn to enjoy your experiences as you live your moment. Much as one may be tempted to hope that the pleasant experiences will continue unchanged with you for ever, such expectation would not only be foolish but also self deceiving & unrealistic.

Whilst ascending the Summit is an art, that is only half the story.  Gracefully descaling & descending from a position is  the other half which completes  the art and this has to be developed. At times, you may need a Coach. 

Descaling & descending is much more of an art compared to forcefully or tacitly overstaying in the position and then being swiftly edged out . That way you may not only undervalue your hard-earned egots, but might also become a victim of a Succession mishap.

This is true for all power centered leadership – be it corporate, national sports, family business or any organizational domain with a power structure. Even figuratively, it is true. Isn’t it ??? 

Falls on stairs happen all the time, but they are much more common whilst descending the staircase than whilst climbing it. Most of these ‘climbing-down’ accidents can be prevented by adopting proper stair-treads and using the railings & guards. Organisations likewise use the structured Succession Planning processes to avoid such leadership mishaps in their organisations. If a Co avoids designing the Succession Planning process, it does not mean that such leadership mishaps will not occur. Infact, the chances of such happening are much higher. That is much like not installing a fire extinguisher and hoping that fire will not occur !!!

(Based on my  Coaching notes … for a 75 years old Managing Director of a private Co to smoothly manage his descend as his son succeeds him as the new CEO)

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