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A Tale of Healing and Recovery

By | Tanu Joshi | Seasoned HR Professional | Business Partner I Talent Management and Engagement I Yoga Teacher

While yoga helps us in healing in mind body and soul.. you may sometimes injure yourself while doing asana practice.. this is very common (just like any other thing in life).. So is Yoga to be blamed.. the answer is a BIG NO. This can happen to anyone.. It just happens.

I recently experienced my first yoga injury while doing full splits which i have been doing for a while now but suddenly i pulled my inner thighs and my glutes and was not able to get up. It was painful. I heard some crackling sounds and thought that my hip is broken :)But God has been kind and i was able to walk and do my normal routine stuff but doing few Yoga postures was or should I stay is still…just impossible.. Accepting this injury took a lot for me …You know why…because I started blaming myself, that it happened all because of me.. and secondly how can this happen to a Yoga teacher? And third and the most important thing…How will i teach my classes? What will my students think ?

I saw a GP and then came the relief it was a minor muscle pull … Yay ! I was so happy to hear that… so why am i telling you all of this, just to share my experience of healing … as I am on my way to recover fully:-

#Letting myself heal – It’s crazy how judgmental and impatient we can be with ourselves at times. Trust me healing is not easy. There were plenty of days when I was grumpy, annoyed, and frustrated as i was not able to do some poses. But i decided not do so poses which keep straining those muscles and don’t let my ego come in the way.

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