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A Trust Urban Meyer Can’t Earn Back

For all of us, we must understand the best time to lead, nourish and develop is when things seem the darkest

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While working as a studio analyst for Fox Sports college football last year, Urban Meyer outlined the three main issues of struggling teams: Trust, Dysfunctional Environment, Selfishness.

“The players don’t trust the coach, the coach don’t trust the players,” he said.

Well, after losing to the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night, Meyer, now the Jacksonville Jaguars coach, decided not to fly back home with his team — a major breach of trust in the NFL.

He opted to instead spend a few days in Columbus, Ohio, to break from his job.

Beyond the embarrassing video that surfaced of him dancing with a blonde woman at a bar over the weekend, Meyer’s decision to not travel with the Jaguars violated a code of conduct all leaders must abide by: He placed himself and his personal desires ahead of the team.

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