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A visit to SAP Labs Bangalore

By | Dr Pavan Soni | IIM-B Innovation Evangelist 

Last week, I was at the SAP Labs Bangalore campus delivering a talk on ‘Fostering Innovative Teams’, and the tour to the site was an amazing experience. 
Setup in 1998, the SAP Labs in India is the firm’s third largest R&D entity employing over 6,000 engineers. Of SAP Labs India’s headcount, about 25℅ are committed to research and next generation product development. Accounting for close to 50℅ of SAP custom development, Lab also provides remote maintenance services to approximately 80% of North American customers. The Lab was rated 5th as the Great Place to Work in 2014. A cursory walk around the campus can offer enough hint of why the company appears so high on the ranking, along with the likes of Google, Intel, and Marriott Hotels in India. 
The Lab has honed a very interesting open, experimentative and Design Driven Culture, which is also reinforced by some amazing office spaces. 
Some of the recent innovations at SAP where the Bangalore Lab has contributed significantly include HANA, Carbon Impact and Charitra, Rakshak, SAP Auction analytics, TracOHealth, Producer Payment solution for milk co-operatives and SAP Ganges.
Sharing some of the snaps from the facility. 
A workstation housing over a few hundred employees with lots of open space and uniquely designed furniture


Look at the ceiling, which is left with AC ducts exposed, and the personalized workstations 


No cubicles!


A bell anyone could ring to call for a quick huddle 


A relaxing area for some group or solo timeout


Left overs from a Design Thinking workshop


Some movable furniture/ walls for a quick team meeting/ huddle


A Design Thinking Workspace


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