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A ‘Workcation’ Is Not a Thing. Let’s Not Make It One With a Cutesy Name

By | Regina Borsellino |

As a writer on the internet, I get a lot of pitches in my inbox that I don’t want to pursue. Most of the time, it’s because the topics are almost hilariously unrelated to what The Muse covers. As I’m typing, emails about “Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day hacks” (are they the same hacks?), the premiere of Night Court, and lots of AI nonsense are crowding out the relevant pitches and emails from people I actually know.

Every once in a while, something catches my eye not because it’s a promising pitch or a ridiculously random one, but because it makes me aware of a concept or trend so terrible that I want to take away the internet access of the person who conceived of it. Most recently it was a subject line containing the word “workcations.”

Purportedly, workcations are when you go away on vacation but work while you’re there. And no. Just no. We’re not doing this.

Remote and hybrid work are great because of the freedom and flexibility they allow you. You’re not tied to an office, so you can get work done from anywhere. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced that remote work is work and for many people it’s more productive than in-office work.

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