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Abhijit’s Sketchnotes: No 2

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

How do you learn a skill which is not yet being taught in a college & has no standard curriculum? Would you like to have job where you are highly satisfied? Of course yes… but you may be paying a price for that. Why 5GB of data storage would have been a disaster. All these in this week’s newsletter.

But before that let us look at other ideas that you must think about …

  1. How to engage and persuade your audience over video: I wrote this for The Economic Times. Job interviews, onboarding the new hires, performance appraisals and even sales is being done over a video. All of us need to learn how to persuade people in front of a camera. <click this to find out>
  2. The electric scooter company Bird fired 400 employees over a Zoom call. Layoffs affect productivity and innovation because precious talent leaves. Those who stay also look for opportunities elsewhere. What will change about jobs, bosses and firms when the world gets back to work? The Economist asked Adam Grant to write about how things may improve after Covid-19. Here is the article ($)
  3. How do you learn a skill which is hard to describe because it is so ambiguous and interdisciplinary. These ‘Hybrid Skills’ will be the most in demand. Cutting edge firms are looking for these. Talk to a headhunter about what Degreed describes as emerging skills <read more>
    1. Neither the degree from a premier institution (IIT/IIM), nor work experience can ensure job security. Are generalists better off than specialists? Who will get hired first, freshers or will it be people with some experience? If you had a job offer withdrawn, what should you do? This matrix tells you how vulnerable you are. Read this
      1. The techies described it as “5GB of Data”. The customers bought it when Steve Jobs said, “A thousand songs in your pocket.” The power of simplifying your communication explained <click here>

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