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Abhijit’s Sketchnotes No 4

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Welcome to week No 4 of my sketchnotes. This is a weekly compilation of visuals made from interesting ideas.  Because we remember visuals not text.  Want to join the fastest growing community? <add your email here>

Manish Sabharwal is the co-founder of TeamLease – a firm that supplies entry level & blue collar workers. In an interview with The Print, he shared some stunning numbers:

  • India with $2500 per capita income is 138th in per capita GDP
  • India has 63 mn employers – mainly small employers with no financial cushion (only 19,500 employers have a paid up capital >Rs 10 cr). The employer’s ability to avoid layoffs is dependent on the reserves and surplus. Until the employers grow and earn money, they cannot pay the employees. Employers don’t pay salaries, customers do.
  • One line stayed with me. “Let unemployment not turn into hunger”

Watch his interview on YouTube <click>

Manish Sabharwal

On 18th June 2020, SHRM India organised a webinar by the analyst Josh Bersin. He has done some research on what techies look for at workplaces. They are motivated by the opportunity to work autonomously and collaborate across silos. They are particularly motivated by a manager who notices their work and recognises their specific contribution.

Imagine that a business you built over ten years is going to go public in 2020. Then comes a pandemic that makes people wary of health and safety. That was Airbnb. They had to lay off 25% of the people. The way it was done is a model for many others to follow. They tried their level best to help people find other career options by engaging an outsourcing firm. Finding another job seems really hard for most people. You must read the shocking statistics for layoffs in India here <Read>

Being unable to travel and step out for a conversation in the coffee house has stumped many people. Some of the sales leaders I coach are exploring what it means to connect online. At least 1/3rd of your career success depends on building new relationships. Business literature refers to it as “networking” (a cringeworthy term). I prefer to think of these as conversations with others. How do you build those relationships when you cannot meet someone in person? $ WSJ.com tells you how

Sometimes being able to talk to a coach can make all the difference to our #Mental Health. The uncertainty around our choices, job losses, loss of loved ones, students without jobs … I saw the tragic end of Sushant Singh Rajput and saw that he has 12.4 mn followers on Instagram but no one he could open up to. Find a friend and wake them up at 2am if you have to. That’s what friends are for. You can choose to stay anonymous and drop me a mail at abhijitbhaduri@live.com

But lets connect. You are never alone.

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