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Abhijit’s Sketchnotes – The First Issue

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Tesla creates a “digital twin” of every car they sell. Data from the real car is sent to the digital twin in the Tesla office. It lets Tesla update the software in a car remotely even as it is being driven. Singapore city has a digital twin to help plan its services. Should humans have digital twins? Celebs are creating their own digital twins. Should you?

But first, we all look for passionate people when we hire. Can you monetise passion?

  1. The Passion Economy

The Passion Economy”is how Li Jin described it. This is the golden age of creativity thanks to platforms like Substack which connect creators with the audience. This is terrific implications for the future of work especially when so many people are losing their jobs. The line that intrigued me: “Your uniqueness is a feature – not a bug.” Read this

  1. It is NOT business as usual

When leaders are telling their employees that it is business as usual they are lowering their own credibility. The new world of work is nothing like what existed before. It is a new language that needs to be learned. <Read more>

The Recovery Will Be “U-Shaped”

The MD of ABC Consultants, Shiv Agrawal invited Aditya Ghosh (Former President & Board member of Indigo airlines) and now Board member of Oyo for a talk about Rethinking Talent. While at Indigo, he had a second office in the Training Center where they train the cabin crew. The Indigo airlines crew still miss his leadership and vision. The big idea? “Diversify your resume” <read more>

  1. Storytelling tip from a award-winning film directorAniruddha Roy Chowdhury (Tony) is the director of the much awarded film Pink(Hindi). His storytelling approach in Bengali language films like Anuranan (Amazon Prime); Antaheen, Maya, Devi (YouTube) etc made me ask him for the one big tip on how to discover a story: “Look for resonance (‘Anuranan’)of the story in your life” The hour long chat is on YouTube <watch the chat> and on my Facebook page.
    1. What is India searching for?Google does their annual insight report called What is India Searching For? By analyzing India’s search history, they found five emerging trends.
    2. Want a Digital Twin for your afterlife?Digital twins are being created for celebs so that they never die. Worldwide XR holds and represent the rights for more than 400 celebrities, athletes, and sports teams who have created twins. New professions like digital legacy consultants and digital embalmers can keep us alive (digitally) even after death. But there are ethical challenges. Cathy Hackl tells us more
      1. Three Signs of Burnout When You WFHWFH May actually mean longer hours even though you’re not commuting. If you have face that you must watch out for these three signs that could indicate burnout – a common problem professionals are experiencing. ThriveGlobal tells you what to do. <Read this>
      2. One last thing

      Guinness – the dog says wise things. On Instagram look for #guinnessmotivation

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