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Accelerating People Analytics: A Data Driven Culture for HR

By | Jonathan Ferrar | Caroline Styr | Naomi Verghese |

The global pandemic has raised the importance of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) with a multitude of challenges bringing new pressures to the role.

Additionally, in the face of widespread social justice movements, racial inequalities have added much needed new focus to diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workforce. Hybrid working has become an expectation of many employees too, as mental health issues become more common. These complex workplace, employee and societal issues have challenged CHROs across the globe.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the CHRO subsequently need a much deeper understanding of their workforces than ever before. They are turning to their people analytics leaders for the insights needed to manage these topics and at their most profound, the people analytics leader works alongside their CEO, helping them explain insights to employees and determine the most important course of action.

Any one of these issues on their own – equality, hybrid working, mental wellbeing, pandemic planning – is complex and requires large volumes of data to identify the insights required. Together they are ultra-complex, and they elevate the people analytics function to “a whole new level”.

So it is no surprise that people analytics – as a discipline and function within companies – is growing. At Insight222, we have undertaken detailed research in 2021 to understand this growth, where investment is being made and what is required to build a data driven culture for HR.

The Insight222 People Analytics Trends 2021 research, based on in-depth structured interviews and survey responses from people analytics leaders in over 100 global companies was conducted in July 2021. Most of these companies are household names, which are collectively responsible for over 12 million employees operating in over 180 countries.

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