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Accelerating the Impact of a Digital Ecosystem for the Planet

Source | Linkedin | David Hodgson | Founder of the Global Regeneration CoLab – enabling collaboration to accelerate large-scale ecological regeneration

A few days ago David Jensen & Jillian Campbell published a new think piece entitled The Promise & Peril of a Digital Ecosystem for the Planet, the core thesis of which is:

  • Humanity is facing a near-term existential threat from ecological degradation
  • A sufficiently coherent ecosystem of digital tool creators, focused on monitoring & modeling the wellbeing of humanity and our planetary ecology is essential to respond to this threat.
  • To be broadly impactful in the way that is needed, this ecosystem needs to create highly usable tools that are strongly focused on providing actionable intelligence for key user groups, particularly those in government roles around the world.
  • We also know, however, that there are a variety of challenges to be addressed to get there, including: ensuring the quality, transparency & openness of data & algorithms; the risk of data monopolies; and the need for protection of individual privacy, data security, and intellectual property.
  • We thus believe that it is imperative for humanity to create a distributed digital coalition focused on planetary wellbeing (following the example of CERN)

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