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Ace that initial Interview to kickstart your career – The Economic Times

Source | LinkedIn : By Mohit Gundecha

First impression is important in an interview, especially in the beginning of your career. HR managers are bound to ask you these trick questions to not just check whether you are right fit in the organization but also to delve in your personality.

The Economic Times covers 13 interview questions and how to respond to them, that would decide the future of your career. They have included inputs from Jombay too!

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Below is the article:

Talent managers show how to respond to tricky questions in interviews early in your career.

Job interviews early on in your career can be pretty daunting. Human resource managers are not just looking to understand whether you are the right fit for the job but also trying to delve into your personality in the short time you are grilled in a meeting room. For those making their first few job switches, acing the interview is critical. Managers across industries are looking for analytical, on-the-ball thinkers who make that great first impression. Here are a few questions to expect and how best to respond to them.

  • Why are you the right candidate for the role?

What the recruiter really wants to know is why the candidate thinks he or she should be hired, said Sameer Khanna, head of HR at Ericsson. So if you are asked this question, describe your skills but don’t make the mistake of hard-selling yourself or going over the top with the answer. “Talk about what you can bring and tie that in with the specifications of the role itself so that the interviewer knows you’ve properly understood the job description,“ said Khanna.

Another great way to answer this tricky question is to highlight skills from your resume that would be appropriate for the role you are being interviewed for. “Most resumes are two-three pages long, so picking up the most essential and relevant parts would contribute to a great answer,“ said Khanna.

  • What will give you a sense of fulfillment in your professional life?

Ashutosh Telang, chief human resources officer at Marico Limited said his experience of meeting youngsters is that many of them are not sure whether they understand themselves as individuals and whether they are doing a job that resonates with their inherent strengths.“During our interview process, when I ask candidates about what will give them a sense of fulfilment in their professional life, some of them find it difficult to respond to this question,“ he said.

  • Could you talk about some events that influenced to become what you are today?

“I find they generally respond with an answer which they believe can help them get the job rather than introspecting to determine what they are really seeking. As a result, certain candidates tend to create a façade rather than share a true reflection of themselves, which does not help us or them,“ said Telang.

He said his suggestion to all those seeking jobs is to first reflect, introspect and clarify to themselves their career goals, inherent strengths, preferences and aspirations, and then evaluate how a particular job opportunity fits in with their career goals.

  • How will you describe yourself using five adjectives?

Sometimes tough questions masquerade as easy questions just as when a manager asks you to describe yourself. “We are looking for five distinctive adjectives that best describe you. If the interviewee doesn’t do a good self-assessment, it gives managers a chance to probe further,“ said SV Nathan, chief talent officer at Deloitte India.

  • What would be your plan of action and strategic vision if you were to take the role?

To answer this satisfactorily, you should have spent enough time understanding the company. “The answer has to show commitment and genuineness. The interviewer, by asking this question, is looking to see whether the candidate is really interested in the role, whether he or she has spent enough time understanding the company and whether they are aware of the challenges and opportunities at a higher level,“ said Puneet Bhirani, chief people officer at Mphasis.

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