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Adam Braun: “Where is Education Going Next?” | Talks at Google


Adam Braun is a New York Times Bestselling author and Co-Founder of MissionU, a debt-free college alternative for the 21st century. He previously founded Pencils of Promise, which has built 400+ schools around the world. In this talk he discusses the future of education both at home and abroad.

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Moderated by Jesse Michels.


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  1. Viable revenue model? How about free education for everyone, because an education beyond technical or job-related skills, as in an education that focuses on history, the humanities, and the progress of ideas, is absolutely essential for a democracy. Of course, places like google don't actually want a democracy. They want a rule by corporation.

  2. The future of education is a society where nonprofit universities completely own and operate all businesses and important infrastructures within society, via a process called a 'perfect public offering.' A 'perfect public offering' is the complete sale of a company's shares to 501(c)3 charity to provide complete ownership and direction of the company to the entire public, thus structuring the company to operate in the best interests of the entire public. Nonprofit universities are well-positioned to carry-out this process, especially when they merge work- and education-infrastructures to reduce the operating costs of the university and the businesses, and maintain the operations of society. Learn more at

    Imagine society operating as One Large University, where the goods and services are produced as a byproduct of the education process; Where social and economic order/transactions were understood & regulated through a "university ID card."

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