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Adapting to change – Managing to align with changing times

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It has been 8 months since I moved back to Bangalore from Mumbai; a lot has changed since then. The direction of my professional career has changed from a totally film making focused life to a new venture, the online learning platform at InfinumGrowth, that of course, has films as a part of it.

Resistance to Change

Emotions were running high at that time, as I was hesitant to leave Mumbai, my workplace for over 2 years, on a permanent basis and come back to my comfort zone. Leaving Mumbai meant, leaving my independent life; that was the toughest decision to take. But that was the need of the hour since we were launching a platform that needed my full attention.

So, the inevitable happened. I was already in Bangalore when the lockdown happened. This prompted me to take a quick decision to shift.

Aligning to new priorities

A few months before that, at InfinumGrowth, we were thinking of moving into online training, as the world was rapidly moving online. We saw a good opportunity in making a platform for learning videos, to provide a convenient method for working professionals.

Having started the platform development work six months earlier, we were ready to go live on 31st march, to be precise. As we launched, the lockdown happened, the timing, in retrospect, was apt.

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