Aditi Chaurasia, Co-Founder of EngineerBabu

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Aditi Chaurasia is a small town girl from a village near Khajuraho and is widely known as the Co-founder of EngineerBabu and Indore Startups Community. Aditi has always been ambitious since her childhood; she has always wanted to touch great heights, but initially was never aware of how to do it. Earlier, she wanted to be astronaut, but it became a very difficult dream to pursue, due to the fact that she was from such a small and quaint place where the girls there hardly ever go to school. She then made 3 unsuccessful attempts to be a doctor, because she lost her brother due to medical complications. She knew she was destined to do something, so she ultimately decided to go for a MBA. When her friend Mayank Singh came back to Indore, they decided to start EngineerBabu together.

In your own words what is EngineerBabu?

EngineerBabu is full of life startups, we are canvassing dream of others. We develop mobile application and website, which are the products of various startups. Right, from the starting we both were very sure about two things, one is to have a very employee friendly organization and second we will provide high class services.  We decided that we will not make employee suffer what we suffered during our employment, and will not cheat our client’s as most of the service based companies are doing these days. Since, then we are having the best working culture in Indore, full of life, work life balance and happy employee with decent packages and 100% client satisfaction is behind the growth that we have achieved in just a year. We become the team 40+ in just 1 year, from the the team of 2.

And recently we pivoted our model, and started investing in the technology of startups as and technology investment, so that more and more startups will come forward with the best of the product ready in the initial phase. Right now we are backing up more than 7 startups from all over the country as Technology Investor.

How did you come up with the idea of EngineerBabu?

When Mayank was working in a MNC in Bangalore, he noticed that lot of youth is getting cheated by the name of fake placement drives and coaching institutes. And at the end they end up losing money and confidence. So, he decided to guide the youth with the genuine information by the name of EngineerBabu by a Facebook ,out of the time he got after his work. And by his efforts most of the people got saved from the fake information and later started getting good job because of his information and other things he is doing to make them get good jobs. That Facebook group now has more than 2 lakhs users.

Then he got assurance from one of the investor that he will invest in his idea, but we he actually started working on it, he refused due to the reason that he started in Indore and he cannot fund a startup belongs to tier 2 city.

Then, how a jobless person can survive with just an idea, so we both of us decided to fund our own idea, since then we are bootstrapping by providing services and helping in building others dream project. And now we are coming up with our new model of “Technology Investment Firm”. Soon, we will be organising lot of events regarding this.

Could you walk us through the process of starting up EngineerBabu?

When Mayank came back to Indore, he was sure that he will not work again as a employee,  The willing to startup took over and he refused to join the dream company of millions.

Then to survive he started teaching technical stuff to the job seekers here, meanwhile these students get cheated with the respective organisation.  Then one day all the students came to him and requested him to teach them, because they don’t left with enough money, whatever they had paid to that flew organisation. Then Mayank decided to help them and started giving them training, Among all , 2 students left and rejected from everywhere and didn’t get job. Then he decided to have them as their first employees of EngineerBabu, and since then no looking back. That beautiful journey of EngineerBabu is still continuing.

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