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Adopting a Basic Mental Fitness Regimen

Mental fitness is a new buzzword taking over the internet. Should you have a mental fitness regimen in your daily life?

By | Danny Trifone |

As a society, we are taught to exercise our bodies to stay in shape. Hit the gym, build up your muscle; it’s an obvious formula. 

What’s not so obvious is exercising our minds. There are very simple exercises we can complete every day that have profound benefits on our brains.

Even though the science-backed benefits are clear, society just hasn’t caught up yet. This will change in time, but we encourage you to jump in, ahead of the curve.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental fitness is about keeping your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape. 

It doesn’t mean training for “Brain Olympics” or acing an IQ test. It refers to a series of exercises that help you slow down, decompress, and operate at your highest potential. 

Mental fitness is something that is overlooked in today’s society; a cultural blindspot if you will.

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