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Afraid of going back to office? EY survey reveals what your bosses are planning

The survey found that only 46% employers have actually taken steps to communicate their future plans to the employees in some form

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More than 18 months into the pandemic most employees working from home now dread the thought of going back to office, waking up early, wearing formals and battling perpetual traffic on roads. While the preference of most employees is clear in favour of work from home, it is employers who will have a major say on the issue. EY recently conducted a survey which had more than 1000 business leaders across 25 industries as respondents to gauge their mood and get insight about their future plans. Earlier, EY had conducted a similar survey with employees from different sectors to understand how they envisage their future work-environment.

Challenges before employers
One of the biggest risks in the long term highlighted by employers will be to establish fairness and equity among employees especially when few will be called to work from office while the other set enjoys a flexible work environment. 53% of employers acknowledged that the ‘have and have not’ dynamic is bound to grow among different sets of employees. Another challenge that besets the industry leaders is that of retaining talent and not compromising with productivity at the same time. Half of the surveyed employers said that retaining talent and offering flexibility at the same time will be tricky.

Anurag Malik, Partner, People Advisory Services, EY India said that the biggest danger before employers is their inability to provide clarity about their hybrid work and return to office plans. Malik further said that eventually employees might move to organisations where flexible work culture plans are not only clearly communicated but also fairly and clearly implemented.

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