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After A Stressful Year, One Third Of White-Collar Professionals Surveyed Plan To Take A Much-Needed Three-Week Vacation

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After over a year of staying at home, working long hours into the evening and weekends, afraid of losing your job and worried about catching Covid-19, it’s time for a much-needed vacation break. 

According to a study from Robert Half, a large global recruiting firm, “Many workers are worn out and ready to make up for lost vacation time.” Around 44% of the respondents said that they are “more burned out on the job today compared to a year ago, up from 34% in a similar 2020 poll.” Roughly 50% have experienced “increased fatigue” and attributed it to a “heavier workload.”   

Now that we’re heading into summer with millions of Americans vaccinated, states reopened and the economy and job marketing improving, there’s a pent-up demand to get away. About one third of survey respondents said they’d take a vacation for three weeks or longer. Nearly 60% are planning an “awaycation” to “travel and completely disconnect from work; in comparison, 32% prefer a staycation, and only 11% favor a ‘workcation’ or a vacation that combines work and leisure.”

The time off was hard earned. When workers were sent home at the beginning of the pandemic, there was an unspoken pressure that people were expected to put in longer hours without any increase in compensation. 

As about 80 million Americans filed for unemployment during the pandemic, white-collar workers were understandably worried about holding onto their jobs. They were willing to endure the punishing hours and stress to save their livelihood. 

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