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After Two Years On Zoom, Workers Finally Learned How To Fool Their Bosses

By | Jack Kelly |

After two years of Zoom video calls, people have learned how to game the system. There’s a few paths to take on a video meeting. You can pretend that you’re interested in the topic and engaged in the discourse. Some people use this time to promote themselves and burnish their brand. Others feel that it is their job to make your life miserable for the next 45 minutes.

Let’s be real; people are Zoomed out. I’m using Zoom as a catchall for all of the online video platforms, including WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Skype. They’re all great, useful and have been a tremendous help to connect people and get work done during the pandemic. However, spending hour after hour on monotonous calls can become frustratingly tedious and burdensome. How many times can you listen to your boss drone on about some arcane minutiae that no one cares about?

Employees have learned coping mechanisms for having to be on video calls. A recent survey by XLMedia shared some of the following techniques people use on the calls, first reported by the Daily Mail:

  • Two-thirds admit setting their laptop camera at an angle to make them look more domineering in business meetings.
  • Almost 25% have joined Zoom calls, while on an indoor exercise bike to appear disciplined, healthy and dynamic.
  • Eighty-two percent try to make a good impression by wearing formal office attire on the upper body, while dressing casually below the waist.
  • Eighty-six percent admit to thinking carefully about their onscreen backdrop and decor.

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