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Age is only a number – S Ramadoss joins as CHRO of Lucas TVS Group at the age of 65

There is a mad frenzy of promoting young talent. May be its become a fad. People hardly out of colleges designated as CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors etc. Many a organisation is falling prey to this fad and is exiting Senior Executives and shutting the doors for these seniors.

Ask any Head Hunter, they will tell you that its very difficult for any Professional over the age of 50 to get a new job. Many organisations dont even glance through the Resumes in their quest of pumping in young talent. When checked as to why this trend, the response is

  • we want some fresh thinking & fresh blood
  • they lack fire in the belly
  • we want some energy in the organisation
  • we want risk takers (these guys are too conservative)
  • they are out of sync with the modern world

This may be true in a few cases or instances but to sweep the entire generation is unfair. This is not particularly true in Western world, even China, Japan & Korea. I have had a person aged 65 years working in my team from the US. We had a group Chairman of a large 25Billion Euro company who was 76 years ( a French). So this is particularly specific to India.

However, in the midst of this dark age, there is a silver lining.

S Ramadoss has been appointed as the CHRO of Lucas TVS Group at the age of 65 yrs. In his own words this is his third innings after a stint as Professor at Alliance University.

S. Ramadoss is a Human Resource leader, strategist, executive board liaison, faculty, and coach for over three and a half decades. As a Chief Human Resource Officer, Corporate Advisor, and Senior Vice President, he has served as the strategic partner to executive leadership in national/multi national corporations including Titan Industries (TATA group of companies). As the Head of Human Resources and Industrial Relations, his engagement across organization, talent strategy, Win-Win labor relation initiatives, leadership development, and Employee Engagement have led to transformation of organizations into highly profitable multi-billion dollar industries.

He was also a Professor of Organizational Leadership & Strategy at Alliance University, the Regional Director-South India and a conferred Senior Fellow of The Conference Board and has in the past served as President of HRD Network-Hosur Chapter, and member of ISTD National council.

As visiting faculty in India’s premium business schools, he has presented several papers in HR and TQM across the world and has also co-authored a best selling book in Employee Engagement. He has also received notable prestigious awards; as the head of Human Resource, he has received the Best Employers award from the President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam for recruiting differently abled people and from the Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu for community initiatives. He has also been conferred HR Leadership award by the magazine Human capital.

LucasTVSThe TVS Group traces its origin to a rural transport service, founded in 1911 in Tamil Nadu, India. Today, this renowned business conglomerate remains faithful to its core ideals of trust, values, service and ethics. The TVS Group is India’s leading supplier of automotive components and one of the country’s most respected business groups. With a combined turnover of more than USD 5 billion, the TVS Group employs a total workforce of around 25,000. Charting a steady growth in terms of expansion and diversification, it currently comprises around 43 companies. These companies operate in diverse fields ranging from two-wheeler and automotive component manufacturing to automotive dealerships, finance and electronics. Uniting these multiple businesses is a common ethos of quality, customer service and social responsibility.

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