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Agile Leadership: A Mindset, Not a Method

By | Maximilian Perkmann |

Agile teams are a popular framework to boost productivity and innovation. Many companies can respond to the challenges of digital transformation through agility. Those who are agile can quickly adapt to new technologies and changing customer needs. Especially startups need to be agile in order to meet the market’s needs efficiently. But how is agility implemented in a company?

Agility is primarily a question of mindset and corporate culture. Methods and tools are secondary. The most important part of agility is not in the toolbox. Effective agile structures and successful agile leadership are based on a basic understanding. Let me go through it quickly.

In Practice

Agility is a much-discussed topic. But what does the buzzword “agile” actually mean in practice? Being agile means being able to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment. Particularly important for companies in times of digital transformation.

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