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What Is AI Art – Can Machines Replace Humans In Creativity?

By Siddharth Rajsekar

The world is rapidly changing and AI Art is coming to the fore front. In this video, I talk to you about what is artificial intelligence, what is machine learning and how this leap in technology can impact us humans.

Yes, in today’s section, I’ve done a bit of research, I want to share with you on how AI can actually create art and this is going to be blowing away a lot of people’s minds. So, let’s dive into future now. 

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Welcome to the future. So, in this video I want to talk to you about AI art. Artificial intelligence art can really, machines create art and design like how we do it as humans.

What Is AI?

So, first we must understand what is AI? What is artificial intelligence? So, AI consists of these things, you’ve got machine learning. Natural language processing, expert systems, vision, speech, planning and robotics. So, all of these are the essentials of Artificial intelligence. So, let’s understand each of these. 

Machine learning can be of 3 types. You can have learning where your machine does deep learning like how Google are building the entire CPU processing technology based on machine learning where the machine actually learns user patterns of the people on the internet and it makes predictive analysis and decisions.

So machine learning can be deep learning, supervised learning, or even unsupervised learning. I’m not an AI technologist, but this is just something that I’ve learned, I’m just sharing this with you and I’m not gone so deep into the subject on the technical level. But conceptually, I understand exactly what this. 

Natural language processing is the next part which is more, need to do with content extraction, classification of content on the internet, language translation, like for example, you just you know, open up Google Voice Search and just type, how would you say I love you in French.

And the AI engine will actually, you know it would recognize what you said and it’ll reply back. So, and it’ll actually translate the language so you have language translation, it’s also doing question and answering and text generation.

So, all this is already existing now in the search engines. Google search has all of this and many other features that we are using on a day to day basis

So, we have expert systems, are built around AI, vision is more like image recognition. So, we already have augmented reality that’s you know, quite, it’s picking up in a huge way.

Recently, I think Facebook had this image recognition engine. Even Snapchat and Facebook, once you use some of their filters, once the camera looks your face, it can actually have different kinds of animation and you can even do a makeup on your face just by looking at your camera and your phone device so that’s all under image recognition and machine vision.

So, all this is to do with vision oriented machine learning, which is already there. Feature texts, that means I speak something and it types out. Text to speech even this is already existing right now. 

So, AI can also be used in planning and robotics. So, in essence, Artificial intelligence comprises of these different components over here.

Now, this can be used and it has been used to create art. OK. To create art. Like humans like we, I mean, we normally do art, whether we paint and stuff like that but imagine if a machine is able to create art. And that’s what I wanna be sharing with you guys now. 

And here are some examples of machine art. This piece of art work that you see here, is something that’s been created by a machine and this particular artwork, I mean it looks maybe too basic? This is just the beginning.

Even I was thinking that machines cannot take out the creativity from human beings, but if you actually see it, machine learning with the whole concept of AI coming in. A machine can learn all the possible artworks in human history in a matter of a few minutes and try to represent something of its own. 

The only thing that differentiates a machine from a human is as humans we tend to appreciate art more, but for machines, they just create the art and if you don’t appreciate the art of machines then there’s no point of art.

So, we’re moving in a very interesting place in history. So, now this one has been created by Google actually, Google 04:53 was a project so, Google learned to make its own art using a machine learning algorithm, a question that has been considered in the future is, who owns the art and other creation that AI make? 

I never thought that machines could actually create pieces of art like this. Let’s go down. This is also a piece of art, I’m gonna be giving you all the resources to where I got this from.

So, I have to acknowledge the source, you can see that is you know copyright message. I’ve given all the sources below this document and you can go and access all of them and learn more about machine art. 

I want to show you a huge bunch of other resources, there is a site called and here you can actually get daily dose of the future and I’ve subscribed because I’m learning a lot from here. So, machine made a gallery of modern robot art. 

This is like a robo machine art, they’re not talking about AI art, but this machine created art.

How To Be Useful In An AI World?

And, so the big question is what can we do to be useful in the world?

One of the major things that will make us useful in the world is the whole aspect of learning and teaching and communication and relating with people, being on the human side.

AI is also trying to create music and stuff but, there are some other element which is yet to be tapped, the AI can really represent the heart and soul of music which is like, really not come to that point yet. But, as far as art is concerned, is already happening out here. So, the question I think, this would have blown your mind, I’ve given a whole bunch of links and resources, from that I’ve you know got the information from. 

There’s also, you know an app that you can download called You can just take a picture of two, three places, it’ll mash it up and it’ll create an AI art of its own. So, it’s right in your palm now, you can download an app and create Artificial intelligence artwork of your own,

So, now, a quick action, if you like this mind map, I would like you to go to this website and go to this link. You have to ask me for this, 08:51 or else you’re not gonna get this. Go to you’ll be directed to my Facebook messenger. Click on get started, and just send me a message, only with the words aiart as one single word, no caps, everything in lowercase, aiart, and I have a robot assistant who will actually help me, who will actually help you with the downloadable version of this entire PDF. 

So, I’m actually adopting AI to some extent in my own business. I want to just show that to you, by the end of this video go to 09:21 and just type the word aiart and you’ll see my robot doing the rest of the work, OK. My Artificial intelligence assistant. 09:29, if you found this useful, please comment below in this video and share this with other people who can benefit from this information. 

I’ve started this FUTURE NOW series to keep you updated on all the latest developments and learnings in technology.

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