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To believe or not to believe

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor www.humanengineers.com

Hahaha….. a Biography of me is purportedly available on the book store. Cant believe it. Whether its a scam or to be believed.

Those of us who may be short on time and haven’t been able to get to that autobiography we’ve been meaning to write need worry no longer: Artillect Publishing will do the work for you by scanning your online presence, merging some ancillary information and producing your sure-to-be best-selling biography. Using artificial intelligence in its production process, Artillect is just one example of the increasing number of applications of artificial intelligence (AI) replacing inefficient processes, creating new products and adding insight to publishing.

The technology has come to a point where machines are doing tasks previously thought only humans can do. And they are better and better at them. A decade ago machines couldn’t write books and now it is possible – while it takes a human months and years to write a book, a machine can write them by a thousand each minute depending on the server capacity.

A decade ago the most comprehensive source of knowledge about different persons were encyclopedias and now Facebook has over 1bln profiles, LinkedIn over 400m profiles, etc.

A decade ago Print on Demand was not possible so only titles with high circulation could be printed.

A decade ago all those publishing syndication companies did not exist, now they allow an author to upload a title and then publish it at 30k digital bookstores around the world.

All that led us to an idea to employ robots to write patterned books. And bibliographies were definitely a good starting point. As of today, our AI identified around 80m people signatures and started looking for information available over the Internet and compiling it into a unique work.

So, now Artillect Publishing is ready to print a book about you, your relative, neighbor or even about old school friend, whom you haven’t seen for ages. All you need to do is enter a name you are looking for in a search bar in our Catalog.

You can buy it here


PS: It has not been published with any input from or my consent. I havent verifed the veracity of the same. Just reporting it for general public information. I dont endorse it either………..


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