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AI can improve productivity, reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction: Oracle’s Guy Waterman

Generative AI will be viewed as a partner in the way that strategic organisations are using AI together with other content in the future because what they're going to have is basically super smart capabilities on their team that are accessible to their team

Source | | Rica BhattacharyyaET Bureau

“Generative AI can have an immediate impact on the workplace with improved productivity, reduced costs, better data quality, and higher employee satisfaction,” says Guy Waterman, VP of People Analytics, HCM Technology and Innovation, Oracle, which recently launched generative AI-powered capabilities in its human resource solution Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management.

In an exclusive interaction with ET’s Rica Bhattacharyya, Waterman talks about the benefits and challenges of generative AI in a talent rich market like India.

What are the potential benefits of generative AI in a talent rich market like India?
We’re not dealing with scarcity (of talent) there (in India). What we’re dealing with is the right fit and being able to project the best candidate. AI helps us identify those that would be a good fit, whether they’re from an experience perspective, culture perspective, fitment to the team, or any other. In a talent rich organisation, it’s even more imperative that we have the ability to discern who we’re bringing in as part of the team. If it is a talent rich environment, the cost of making a mistake can be much greater than even in one of those in a scarce talent environment.

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