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AI Chatbot Spontaneously Develops A Theory of Mind

The GPT-3 large language model performs at the level of a nine year old human in standard Theory of Mind tests, says psychologist

By | The Physics arXiv Blog |

Back in the late 1970s, the American psychologists Guy Woodruff and David Premack devised a series of experiments to explore the cognitive capacity of chimpanzees. Their work focused on the theory of mind, the seemingly innate ability of humans to infer the thoughts of other humans. The question that Woodruff and Premack asked was whether a chimpanzee could do the same.

This influential paper triggered an explosion of interest in the “theory of mind”, at what age it develops in humans and whether other animals share the ability.

Now psychologists have a new subject to study in the form of powerful AI chatbots like GPT-3.5 recently developed by OpenAI, a computer company based in San Francisco. These chatbots are neural networks trained on large language databases allowing them to respond to questions much like humans do.

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