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The stats speak for themselves


  • Although companies largely view AI positively, the actual adoption of this technology remains slow.
  • How can companies correct this discrepancy to the benefit of themselves and their employees?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in the workplace to automate boring, repetitive tasks that have become part of workers’ daily grind.

survey of 700 individuals by Juniper Networks found that 95% thought their organization would benefit from embedding AI into their daily operations, products, and services. Also, 88% said they wanted to use AI as much as possible in their organization.

All of the survey respondents were involved in an organization’s implementation of AI and machine learning (ML) and were based in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

However, there is a disconnect between the theory and the reality. With only 6% of the 163 C suite leaders surveyed reporting adoption of AI-powered solutions within their organization.

Also, only 22% of all 700 respondents said they used AI to automate or aid decision-making by their employees.

However, of those that had implemented AI in their organizations, 74% said it made their employees happier, 82% said AI brought productivity, and 71% noted the link between AI and the business’s operational efficiency.

So, given the positives that AI brings for companies and their staff, why is AI not being fully embraced in the workplace?

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