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AI is a career disruptor, but mastering it is the only way to beat the threat, says Asia School of Business CEO

Learning benefits are now a must for companies to recruit skilled talent, however, loyalty to old regimes of degrees limit the shift, says the CEO and president of Asia School of Business, Sanjay Sarma. He notes that credentials and skills will complement degrees, rather than replace them. Rote learning is dismissed when it comes to building creative thinkers as the future belongs to humanities, like reasoning, logic, questioning, and thinking out of the box. ChatGPT is a real threat as a career disruptor and should be mastered as a tool, while life-long learning would require curiosity to facilitate learning

Source | | Saumya Bhattacharya, ET Bureau

ChatGPT is a real threat as a career disruptor and people must figure out how you can master GPT—or any other AI program—and use it as a tool rather than run from it, said Sanjay Sarma, CEO and president, Asia School of Business, Kuala Lumpur. Sarma, also the former vice-president for open learning at MIT, said learning is the new oxygen for the economy and companies need to give learning benefits to recruit good people.

“This is the age of agile continuous education, and the onus is on the individual to keep learning. The transcript does not end when you graduate. If you are not logging on and taking courses, you are logging out of your career,” Sarma said. Edited excerpts from an interaction with ET’s Saumya Bhattacharya:

How are companies adjusting to the new shift in learning?

Companies need to give learning benefits to recruit good people. Employees must reskill and upskill. So, there is a lot of appetite for learning.

The challenge is that there is loyalty to the old regime of degrees. Advanced companies are making the jump while traditional companies are still focused on the degree.

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