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“AI Search and Match” in Talent Acquisition is Talent Leaders’ new favorite tool!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

💡 The growing use of AI to bridge the skills gap and increasing investment in DEI despite recent pushback.

📣 Among all the technologies organizations are investing in, AI search and match has grown the most year-over-year.

📈 Two-thirds (66%) of talent leaders report making such investments an increase of 14% since 2023.

Also 65% of Talent leaders report investing in Internal Talent Mobility technologies up 9 points from 56% last year, according to a new interesting research published by Randstad called “2024 Talent Trends report” using data 📊 from online surveys of 1,076 C-Suite and Human Capital leaders at global and regional organizations across 21 markets worldwide.

✅The Top 2 challenges of Talent Leaders

Top Two Top Challenges

Researchers found that the two top challenges talent leaders expect to face moving forward are skills-based:

1️⃣ Increased competition for hard-to-find skills(34%)

2️⃣Growing scarcity of specialty skills (32%).

This supports the increasing desire by the majority of organizations (80%) to move to a skills-based hiring approach.

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