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AI Will Be a Big Part of Our Future – but What Does That Mean for Businesses Searching for Talent?

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By 2020, it’s predicted that businesses across the world will spend a combined $47bn on artificial intelligence (AI), and it appears that every aspect of our lives – from shopping and leisure to work and personal finance – will be transformed as machines leverage data to provide us with tailored, personalised services at scale.

With such a wide-ranging impact, it’s only natural to expect that AI will also revolutionise the way that organisations search for and acquire talent. Automated technology can analyse the mountains of data across organisations and the wider job market, translating it into easily digestible formats which will ultimately help humans make better decisions and spend their time on higher value, higher impact tasks.

So what effect will this have on the way we source talent in the future? I see at least three areas of evolution:

AI will bring more efficient and fairer candidate screening

One of AI’s main benefits is that it allows processes to be completed at a rate and scale that is simply unachievable by humans. Therefore, I expect two particular subsets of AI to become widely adopted over the next few years:





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