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AICTE wants to shut down 800 engineering colleges because their students can’t code

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ll India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) wants to shut down around 800 engineering colleges in India. Reason? 95 per cent engineers, most of them probably coming from these colleges, in India don’t know how properly code and are virtually unemployable.

According to a study by employability assessment company Aspiring Minds, about 95 per cent fresh engineering graduates in India lack software developing skills.  The study reveals that India produces thousands of engineers every year and most of them are unemployable.  While the students from IITs are still competent, most of the engineers from small and local engineering colleges have poor skills.

According to an ET report, there are also surplus numbers of seats in many engineering colleges which are not even filled. This is another factor why AICTE is thinking of shutting down hundreds of colleges.

 The study by Aspiring Minds reveals some shocking figures that show how shoddy is the quality of engineers in India.  The study reveals that only 36 per cent Indian Engineers can write code that can be compiled. At the same time, the engineers in India also lack in-depth knowledge in respective area of specialisation and often study outdated syllabus.

“These concept and principles are there in college curriculum, which indicates that there is a gap in implementation. Hence, these industries shall have a very hard time in hiring students for their organisation who are able to fit in the criteria and yield required results,” states the study report.

In the study Aspiring Minds looked at more than 36, 800 students from over 500 colleges across India. It revealed that only 2.21 per cent of all could write functionally and logically correct code,  31.01 per cent were able to write functionally correct code with few anomalies and more than 60 per cent students failed to write compilable code.

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