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By | Lekshmi S P | XIME-B)|Blogger|Former Infoscion| Co-founder- Buzzzest 

There are many different versions of the Marketing Funnel. I tried to only use very distinctive phases of the customer journey without becoming too specific, in order for this funnel to be applicable for a multitude of industries and businesses. The reason why the Marketing Funnel is a funnel is that the wideness of the funnel at every stage represents the number of people belonging to it. Since you are likely to lose some potential customers along the way, the funnel gets narrower towards the bottom.

Finally, it is important to mention that the colours chosen for this marketing funnel are deliberate. In the beginning, your relationship with potential customers is rather ‘cold’ and are therefore coloured blue.

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Awareness: The Marketing Funnel starts off with the Awareness stage (sometimes called Attention).

Interest: Now that you have the consumers’ attention, you want to create some interest.

Consideration: Once the customers’ interest in your company has grown, they might be willing to consider purchasing your products or services as well.

Evaluation: Now that your brand has made it to the Consideration set, customers are likely to evaluate the options based on some personal criteria they might have.

Decision: Finally, the customer will make a decision to either buy or not buy from you. 

Purchase: The actual purchase phase has been kept separate from the decision-making phase.

Repeat: Many marketing funnels stop after the purchase has been made.

Loyalty: In the loyalty stage, customers start to develop a preference for your brand or company.

Advocacy: The final and optimal stage to reach with customers is the Advocacy stage.

Keep in mind that this is a general version of the marketing funnel and that you might need to adapt it somewhat to fit the business you are in. Let the marketing begin!


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