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Aligning our Authenticity to Accelerate Business Impact

By | Ester Martinez | LinkedIn Top Voices | CEO, People Matters | TechHR | BeNext: Cohort-based Certifications

This week’s newsletter focuses on embracing our authentic selves in service of more empathetic leadership, creating a psychologically safe environment for our workers, and accelerating business impact through a diverse and inclusive company culture. We all bring a unique point of view to the table, and now is the time to let it shine! If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s the importance of maintaining that sense of connectivity in our transforming work settings: taking a human-based approach to communicating with our teams in today’s unstable working context has been critical to delivering high-impact business outcomes and accelerating innovation. Leaders have recently been leaning in as the words “compassion”, “well-being”, and “trust” are fast-emerging in the lexicon of today’s discussions on leadership. In the post-pandemic age of Zoom meetings replacing water-cooler chats, bringing our vulnerability to our interactions with our workers becomes increasingly important as we all overcome individual challenges in the New World of Work.

Quickfire Interview with Cherie Saunders

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Every fortnight we feature a top, highly-engaged BeNext learner for a quickfire interview on their experiences of their program. Here, we catch up LIVE with Cherie Saunders, Regional Training & Quality Manager at Presbyterian Support Northern, who took part in BeNext’s recent program, ‘Building a Culture of Empathy for Productivity & Innovation’.

1. Why is investing in HR skills development so critical in today’s business context?

So, in New Zealand, we have a saying, which is — what is the most important thing in the world? And, it’s “He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.”, which means “the people, the people, the people”. So, without the people, you really don’t have a business. I think that why it’s crucial in today’s business context, because with the amount of changes that are happening in the world — particularly around the COVID pandemic — I think it’s quite challenging to maintain staff so that they are productive and healthy and engaged.

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