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All Aboard! 13 of India’s Top Corporate Returnee Programmes For Women Restarters

Source | JobsforHer : By Priya Desai

The value of incorporating diversity and inclusion into the recruitment process is exponential. Evidence now shows that it directly impacts a company’s bottom line. Diverse teams perform better, and a better diversity ratio is also linked to lower attrition.

However, companies have often found it difficult to achieve their diversity goals because they have focused their recruitment mainly among women who are currently working. This has greatly narrowed their access to talent since over 50% of working women in India drop out of their careers in 3 years1.

Research conducted by KPMG and commissioned by Vodafone found that about 96 million skilled women aged between 30-54 were on career breaks worldwide. If they rejoined the workforce they could add £151 billion ($184 billion) per year in gross added value, the consultancy found2.

Over the last 2 years, we at JobsForHer have worked hard in catalysing a big shift in the attitude of Indian companies towards women returnees. From keeping their doors and minds closed to career-break women, companies are now rolling out exclusive programmes for women looking to restart their careers after a break. After all, they represent a latent talent pool of experienced, capable, recharged, mature women who are available to join companies immediately.

We take a look at the top returnee programmes for women restarters that JobsForHer has partnered with in India, over the past two years. (Shared in alphabetical order and not in any particular ranking)

1. Accenture: Career Reboot 

Accenture strives to provide a balance between work and family, particularly for women returning to work after a career break. The transition is made as smooth as possible for women returnees, who get the support they need to find the right re-entry roles based on their qualifications and experience.

Accenture’s Career Reboot programme gives women returnees the chance to interact with industry experts and Accenture’s leadership team, and is specifically designed for women who want to get back to work after a career break.

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