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All The Wrong Reasons to Resign From Your Long-term Job

Don't breakup with your current company for nothing!

By | Charlene J. Owen |

There’s nothing wrong with looking for greener pastures. In fact, a corporate shift can actually help you move up the ladder—but only if done at the right time and for the right reasons. While there can be so many things that can cause you to make snap decisions, remember that suddenly resigning from your job without putting a lot of thought into it can have severe professional and financial repercussions. Don’t go overboard with the drama and scream “I quit” if the reason behind it is:

Your manager is criticizing your work.

Criticisms may not be good to hear, but constructive ones are valuable, especially coming from a person who has more experience in the industry than you. Just because your manager may be strict or because this is the nth time she has called you to her office doesn’t mean that she’s out to get you. Of course, it’s a different story if she really wants to make your life miserable, but more often than not, good managers spend time training their team—be glad that you’re in that position, because once the mentoring stops and the workload lessens, it may mean that the company does not consider you an asset anymore.

You’ve got personal issues with a colleague.

As cold as it sounds, you go to the office to work: life-long friendships are just a beautiful and enjoyable bonus. If you and your work wife suddenly have a falling out of sorts, your first priority of handing in output still stands. Yes, it may be difficult to adjust to the awkwardness and to be efficient especially if someone is staring daggers at you, but it’s really no reason to sacrifice your career for.

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