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Altimeter’s Top 13 Digital Trends For 2017

Source | LinkedIn : By Charlene Li

Each year Altimeter’s team of analysts pull together a list of the top technology, business and digital trends leaders should be thinking about in 2017. Each analyst brings a unique perspective of how they see 2017 unfolding and what you will need to do about it.

This year’s list includes 13 insights from four of Altimeter’s experts:

From Charlene Li, Principal Analyst

Heading into 2017, I had several conversations with C-suite leaders about what it means to be digital and disruptive, and how they can set a strategy and culture that reflects this new way of thinking. More than ever, a strong mission and values that are aligned with customer obsession must be the guiding light for organizations. With that as context, here are some of the emerging trends I’ll be watching:

Customer experience becomes a strategic priority for the CEO and board.

No one will argue that creating a compelling customer experience (CX) is essential. But which ones to invest in? How do you measure how CX impacts the bottom line?

It’s time to move CX away from its traditional homes in marketing, product design or research and add it to the agenda of every executive and board meeting. CX must be thought of as a strategic asset that deserves strategic attention and investment. Until this happens, CX will remain a discussion of customer touchpoint optimization rather than becoming the linchpin for creating deep customer relationships.

One simple step to take in 2017 is to put customer experience metrics, even basic ones such as customer satisfaction and loyalty, at the top of your executive and employee dashboards. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. If customer experience truly is important to your organization, then make sure it’s represented in your metrics.

Communication, advertising and storytelling emphasize authenticity and loyalty.

The way we connect and communicate was upended a decade ago with the advent of social media, requiring marketers and leaders to adopt new mindsets and skills. We’re about to see another stage in that revolution take place driven by two key developments.

The first is Snap (which is set to IPO in early 2017), the company that has become a verb meaning to capture something happening in the moment. Its new product, Spectacles by Snap, make first-person perspective videos (pioneered by the likes of GoPro) easier to create and share.

But even more important is the move from the public space to more private and privileged messaging platforms like Snapchat, as well as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Organizations will need to develop a different voice for speaking with its core followers, one that is more authentic and spontaneous than the polished (mostly) agency-written posts on social media platforms today.

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