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Am I Paranoid — Or Is My Boss Trying To Fire Me?

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

In my company I’m the senior marketing person reporting to the Marketing Manager “Beth.”

I’m responsible for marketing communications, trade shows (one big show and several small ones), other lead generation activities and user education. I don’t have any direct reports.

My salary is $66,000.

My boss Beth has been in her job for a year. I’ve  been here for five years.

Beth goes back and forth between trusting me (and dumping a lot of her work on me) and not trusting me. I can tell when she is threatened by something I say or threatened when our CEO compliments me. Beth hates that.

She makes nasty comments like “The CEO praises you up and down, Dean, and I don’t correct him to tell him about your missteps, because what’s the point?”

Last week Beth called me into her office and asked for my help with her department budget.

She said “We have to cut $150,000 from our 2017 budget, and it has to be done this week.”

I suggested two expense reductions that would save about $115,000 combined.

We have two consultants who work for us here and there and their combined consulting fees are about $4,000 per month. I work with these consultants and they don’t even know why they’re here.

They have much bigger and more interesting projects to work on with their other clients. Each of them, Allison and Mark, only earns about $25,000 per year from us versus $75,000 or more from their other clients.

Beth keeps them around so she can call them in and talk their ears off when she’s anxious. They’ve both complained to me about it, so I suggested to Beth “What if we put Allison and Mark on hold for a while?”

She immediately shot that idea down. Then I asked “What if we don’t go to the big trade show this year?” The booth costs $65,000 on its own.

Beth’s answer was very telling. She jumped on my question.

She said “If we skip the trade show, what will you do?” like I have no other responsibilities!

I said “I’ll do our marketing communications, lead generation and user education.” I work at least 50 hours a week doing traditional marcom, social media, and everything else.

The air in the room was very charged and not in a good way.

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