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Amazing connection !

By | Sabih Kidwai | Director Learning Solutions, Talent Management & OD at Schneider Electric Greater India

Imperial Romans used war chariots. These chariots were made to be just wide enough to accommodate the rear of two war horses.

The first long distance road was made by Rome for the benefit of their legions. These roads were made to fit the chariots, these roads have been used ever since and the width of these roads became standard

Wagon makers created their tools and jigs to fit the standard, the first train were also build by the same wagon makers by using the same tools. Thus making the old standard size as new standard for trains. Since the trains then connected Europe, it became the standard size across Europe.

When the British colonized other countries they took their Rail Engineers along and they built the rail network with the same standard broad gauge 5feet 6 inches wide.

Every Space shuttle has two big booster rockets attached to the sides. They are made some where in the country and transported through trains to the launch side. The best mode to transport is by trains that also passes through tunnels.

So the Rocket boosters must fit the same size as that of the rear of two Roman war horses ! 

From Rome to England to India to Chandrayan to Mars some day soon . . . connecting the dots 🙂

Republished with permission and originally published at Sabih Kidwai’s LinkedIn

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