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Amazon changes back-to-office policy: Read CEO Andy Jassy’s email to employees

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It’s time to return to the office for Amazon employees. The employees of the ecommerce giant have been asked to work from the office at least three days per week starting May 1, according to an email sent by CEO Andy Jassy. The email has also been posted on the company’s blog. In October 2021, the company said that it was up to individual team leaders to decide their in-office policies. Amazon joins companies like Apple, Walmart and Disney in announcing back-to-office policy. It is likely that other technology giants too will make return to office mandatory in the coming days.

Here is the full memo from Jassy to Amazon employees:

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly three years since the pandemic began, and we recommended that all our employees who were able to work from home do so. We subsequently updated guidance a few times, with the last guidance (in the second half of 2021) being that Director-level leaders would decide for their teams where they’d work, and we’d experiment for the next chunk of time.

Because the pandemic lasted as long as it did, we were able to observe various models—some teams working exclusively from home, some in the office full-time together, and many flavors of hybrid—over a meaningful period of time. S-team listened to employees, watched how our teams performed, talked to leaders at other companies, and got together on several occasions to discuss if and how we should adjust our approach. 

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