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Amazon is now hiring for 40,000 openings. Forty. Thousand. Here’s where and what

Source | LinkedIn | Joshua Fruhlinger

The last time we checked in on Amazon’s ($NASDAQ:AMZN) seemingly neverending hiring spree, the e-commerce giant was hiring for 36,000 people. At the time, it seemed a newsworthy amount — and it was.

But as of today, just one month later, Amazon has hit 40,000 job listings on its careers site, with a total of 40,039 unique job titles open around the world.

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On January 1, 2020, the company listed 32,258 openings on its site. This week’s 40,039 openings means that the company has increased its job listings by more than 24% just since the new year. At this time last year, Amazon had 27,170 openings listed on its recruiting website, an increase of 47.4% in terms of unique job openings at the company.

The vast majority of Amazon’s openings continue to be in the United States. Canadian job listings have seen heavy growth in the past month, however, outpacing jobs in Germany for the first time.

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