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Amazon to create a million jobs in India: Jeff Bezos

Source | | Nisha Shroff

During his recent visit to India, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that the company plans to create one million new jobs in India by 2025 through continued investments in technology, infrastructure, and logistics network.

The jobs will be across industries, including information technology, skill development, content creation, retail, logistics, and manufacturing, and are in addition to the 700,000 jobs Amazon’s investments have enabled over the last six years in India. Bezos also said that the company plans to invest US$1 billion to help bring ten million traders and micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) across India online, enabling US$10 billion in cumulative exports by 2025 and supporting India’s economic diversification.

Bezos said, “We are investing to create a million new jobs here in India over the next five years.

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