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Amid upheaval in the office, fanciful job titles emerge

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(NYTIMES) – Here’s one sneaky sign of unsettled times: fanciful job titles.

Job titles have always changed with the times. For instance, competition for talent in recent years has morphed heads of human resources into chief people officers. Now the rise of remote work has given way to new positions, whose lasting power has yet to be tested.

LinkedIn has seen a 304 per cent spike in titles that reference “hybrid work” and a 60 per cent increase in titles related to the future of work since the start of the pandemic.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the new jobs arising from upheaval in the office, especially in tech and other companies that have embraced remote work.

1. Head of team anywhere

Atlassian is a company that makes collaboration software, so when the company went remote in 2020, its leaders felt the pressure to keep the engines of collaboration running smoothly. Six months ago the company hired a “head of team anywhere”, a title nodding to the company’s stock ticker which is “team”. Ms Annie Dean, who is in the role, recently oversaw the opening of a “team anywhere-focused office” – which is, in fact, located somewhere (Austin, Texas).

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